The Roller Coaster Creator Online

The game that allows a player to build his own roller coaster fast and intuitive using the touch controls that allow screen drawing and editing. The player is also able to jump into the coaster cart seat and experience the ride in such a thrilling 3D feature. The gamer is also able to build his own park designs using the Track Wizard that comes with loops, corkscrews and twists.

The Roller Coaster Creator OnlineEven though the game kicks off with ugly characters, the gamer is able to replace them with Mii characters and share them with his friends. The game has two modes: sandbox mode and career mode. In career mode, the gamer is able to start a coaster design apprentice and work his way to a master design, one cay say that this game is very fun to play same way as QWOP unblocked and Text Twist 2 game. During this process, the gamer is able to unlock different theme parks and locations not to mention other cart models and decals. These items are usable in the making of a custom park that the coaster runs roll through.

The gamer is able to select wood or steel and come up with an inverted or upright track type by drawing the basic track. The game is able to turn this basic design into a 3D track and allow the player to ride on a roller coaster. The aim of the game is to make a custom track that hits gold coins. Once the track is perfect, the roller coaster goes through it and if the coaster hits all the gold coins in the field, the player wins that level successfully and unlocks the next level of the career mode. In as much as the gamer does not need to complete the career mode in order to unlock the sandbox mode, it is important to note that the more successful a gamer becomes in the career mode, the more customizing features he unlocks in the sandbox mode. The Roller Coaster Creator Online is such a thriller for players who love to be creative.