Play Amazing Doodle Jump – Funny Flash Game

Play Amazing Doodle Jump – Funny Flash GameEnjoy with us latest version of amazing and funny flash game – Doodle Jump. Earn high scores and submit it to challenge your friends

Do you really love jumping games? Games where you can earn scores and demonstrate your skills? Games where you can challenge your friends? If your answer is yes then you should definitely give a try following funny flash games named Doodle Jump.

At first this game was developed for mobile phones, there were tons of apps which allowed people to enjoy this awesome game on their phones, ipads, tablets, etc. But game soon enough became extremely popular, millions of people started to play it so developers have decided to release PC version of this games as well on flash platform.

Above you can play this game for free and online as well. You can do your best to earn as much points as possible and share your score with us below, using our Facebook comments section.

Currently latest version of the game is v2.4, in case of new realizes our web-site will be first to share it with you so stay with us and play for fun guys.

crunchball 3000Tips and tricks
There are couple of icons which can give you extra bonus speed, fly ability or jump boosting features. You can find all of them below:

1) Jetpack – fly away.
2) Mushroom – inverse control.
3) Coins – extra points.

1) Green: normal.
2) Blue: moving left <-> right.
3) Brown: allow one jump.

Hope these tips were helpful for you. I just want to tell you one more thing try to avoid monsters in the game, or you can jump on them if you have shield buff. More can be found in this video below which I have added to the site.

Good luck guys and have fun playing Doodle Jump I hope you will earn high scores.

Well I do love this flash game – Happy Wheels Demo

happy wheels cartoonHey there, what is up? A couple of days ago I have shared YouTube video where you could see me playing Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3, yes game is pretty new, the previous version was Advanced Warfare. In comments most of you guys have stated that you would love to see me playing Happy Wheels and to be more specific its demo version.

Well I do love this flash game which I believe is developed by Jim Bonacci, I generally admire physics game and well if you will add to it some humor I’m ready to play it all day long.

So, I promise you guys I will record a new video pretty soon and share it on my YouTube channel, as always name of the song will be in the description, so don’t spam by inbox with questions!

So why I have started to create this post update, I would love to give you guys tips regarding Happy Wheels full. The game comes with various different vehicles as well as maps, I was told that this flash game gets updates very often, Jim Bonacci is talking to the users, they give him ideas and suggestions and together they are changing the game constantly. This is main reason why I think that there would be no second version of Happy Wheels, there is just no need for that, because game gets updates all the day, they add new characters, they add new levels, they fix bugs and all those small details. Game gets improvements all the time and it is wonderful thing if you ask me

Well I do love this flash game – Happy Wheels DemoWell, now you are aware of who is the author of this game is, what kind of game it is, and how often it gets updated.

Once again, make sure that you will see my latest YouTube video, subscribe to my channel, and follow my blog for daily updates and news.