It is Funny, its Gory, its Zombies!


With the entire city destroyed by brain-eating blood-thirsty zombies, they have now turned on your trailer park. Huge mistake! You have to fight back with bitter survivalists, Shovels and a makeshift of angry farmers. It’s funny, it’s gory!


Game Overview

ZTP Game is an amazing defend your base game, another wonderful game which involves zombies is Boxhead and if you are interested you can play it on at official website . The main aim of the game is for you to defend and preserve your trailer park as you dismantle the zombie base. You have to assemble angry farmers and other units to help you defend the park against the disrespectful animals.

Instructions of the ZTP Game

As mentioned earlier, a gamer’s mission in this game is to control a mob of shotgun toting, angry shovel-wielding crazy men, from your park to fight against the never-ending horde of the undead from the already ruined city. Train fighting units and manage your economy well so that you defend the trailer park successfully.

The game is designed in a fairly defense setup, with money being earned over time and units being bought to fight the opposition blindly until you have pushed them back or destroyed their base. Killing the zombies earns you ‘Yeehaw’. These are points that can be converted to activate extra ordinary abilities that help clinch the win or fight back a strong assault.

The game has only 4 stages for you to complete, with each one of them increasing the challenges while unlocking special abilities to help gamers out. It will not take pros of the genre very long to finish the game, but players can play against each other for the fastest times to complete.

Zombie Trailer park

Controls of ZTP Game Game

You only need your mouse to completely control the ZTP Game. Utilize the mouse to navigate the game Menu and interact with game elements. You can also buy upgrades and soldiers with the mouse.


-Relatively unique setting (Instead of knights, it has rednecks).

-Easy to complete and learn.

-Players can compete online for fastest times.


-There is only one stage with repetitive game play; but difficulty does increase.

Have Fun!