Learn To Fly – Addictive Flying Game

Learn to Fly is very simple and one of the most addictive game just like Run 2 full game on the internet, in which a penguin try various methods to fly. In this game, penguin is pushing its limitation and trying to fly in-spite of reading an article in the “Kiwipedia” that Penguins cannot fly. The game starts with a penguin gliding downwards to a ramp and float the penguin into the air. The aim of this game Learn 2 Fly is to fly the penguin into the air as far and high as you can without letting it down into the water.

Learn To Fly - Addictive Flying GameIn the second part of this addictive game, the objective remains the same to fly the penguin as far as you can but this time your penguin get more intelligent and smarter than before, and now she decides to cross both obstacles and new enemies like flying mammoths, birds, icebergs, frozen ice and obstacles, and rockets, etc. These obstacles come in various forms in the different levels. You will earn points or money depending on the speed, time, and height achieved by the penguin at different levels. You can use your money for upgrading your penguin.

Six different upgrades available in this game and that is:

1. Ramp Heights Upgrade
2.Air resistance Upgrade
3.Acceleration Upgrade
4.Glider Upgrade
5.Rocket Upgrade
6.Rocket fuel Upgrade

bonus shop
Uses of Upgrades:

Ramp heights upgrade increase your ramp distance helping your penguin to achieve higher distance, while air resistance upgrade helps your penguin to retain at constant speed in the air. With the acceleration upgrade you can have more smooth sliding and increased penguin speed as well. the glider upgrade helps penguin by preventing it from falling and maintaining balance in the mid air. if you want more speed than you can avail rocket upgrade, it boosts your speed of flying. All these tips I took from game menu, by the way on this very same site you can play game online if you want to.

In this game, there are three different modes like story mode, classic and Arcade mode. There are five different levels in this game and they unlocks by accomplishing the lower levels. This game becomes more challenging and interesting when you move towards higher levels, the challenging missions in this game make it most addictive for the children to play. Players can have more than 60 upgrades in this game to improve their rockets, balloons, gliders and other elements. The higher and more faster you fly in the air, the best your score will be. In this game there are several challenges for the players to unlock power-ups.

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Players priority in this game is to earn as much money as possible to buy more upgrades, rockets and fuel upgrade should be the first priority of the players to fly more time in the air, so enjoy this amazing game.

Use Left and Right Arrow keys for Flight Control
Use Space bar for launching Rockets.